Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Registrations are now open in the UAE

The league will set the stage for Amazon MENA Masters Finals, the culmination of the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports roadmap, where UAE teams will represent their country in the regional championship.

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Registrations are now open in the UAE
Image Credits: UNIVERSITY Esports UAE

Successfully closing off its first-ever season in the region, Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports gets ready for a much anticipated second season in the United Arab Emirates.

Operated by MTE, GGTech’s regional subsidiary, Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports UAE is part of the global Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports environment, which has been driving top-tier competitions between universities in countries like France, the UK, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Since last October, teams from universities all across the Middle East and North Africa have been competing to stay at the top of the scoreboard in what has already become the breeding ground for the most promising esports champions in the region.

Registrations will be open on February 8th for VALORANT, on the 10th for League of Legends, and on the 16th for Rocket League. New teams are encouraged to sign up to claim the championship and shoot for the prize pool.

Reinforcing partnerships: New Top Brands join Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports UAE

Adding to one of the season’s biggest recent announcements, the arrival of Amazon to the competition, Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports will continue with the support of some of the leading publishers and partners in the industry that has been with the competition since its arrival in the region. Riot Games, publisher of VALORANT and League of Legends, has  given students the chance to compete in some of the leading games in the esports scene

This season will feature new partners that are set to take the competition to new heights.  Tech and peripherals giant, Samsung, a key actor in the hardware and peripherals market, is one of the big names joining the competition at the start of the new season, and Lifebuoy, one of the leading hygiene brands in MENA, a subsidiary of Unilever, has also announced its support to the competition.

“Lifebuoy is excited to connect with the region’s fast-growing community of young gamers and bring its germ protection message to them. Hand hygiene has never been more important and is today a key preventative measure. As one of the leading hygiene brands in MENA, and the third most chosen consumer brand globally, Lifebuoy continues to reiterate the message that our safety is in our hands.”  Sandeep Kohli, Vice-President Beauty & Personal Care Unilever MENA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & Turkey

“The gaming industry has hit an inflection point, where e-gaming has evolved into a spectacular phenomenon, converging communities of avid gamers and gaming enthusiasts into a mainstream sporting event. Through our product offer, Samsung has always been a strong proponent of gaming-everywhere, a liberating value proposition as we approach customer-centricity as an enabler of lifestyle choices. We are delighted to partner and associate with Amazon University Esports, as it provides a platform to support and nurture gaming talent from the region, and importantly aligns with the brand’s ethos of being an enabler of consumers’ passions.” Osman Albora, Head of Mobile Experience Division

The road to Amazon MENA Masters Finals

Amazon MENA Masters Finals, the culmination of the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports roadmap in the region, will set the final stages of the competition where the best teams of each country will not only get a chance to represent their university but also have the honour to represent the UAE. Throughout the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports roadmap, the winning teams from the regional VALORANT and League of Legends will qualify for a place in the Amazon MENA Masters Finals, for a chance to compete against the other three countries for the Championship title.

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