Emirates Esports Federation and ITW Global collaborate to launch Global franchise-based league EGL

Indian gamers to compete in franchise-based league on Global Stage.

Emirates Esports Federation and ITW Global collaborate to launch Global franchise-based league EGL
Image Credits: EGL

The Emirates Esports Federation & ITW Global have joined forces to introduce the EGL (E-Gaming League), a global Esports League scheduled to take place in UAE during April 2024. With a lucrative prize pool, the first-of-its-kind league will offer Indian gamers the platform to prove their mettle on the international stage.


Slated to be a multi-title league, the EGL will onboard 6 Franchises as Team Owners that will be competing across various titles like DOTA, PUBG, etc. Player selection will be conducted by franchises through drafts, marking a pioneering move as the league becomes one of the first to embrace a franchise and draft format.


This initiative represents a significant global effort to establish an Esports league modelled after the successful structures seen in traditional sports leagues.


Speaking on the creation of EGL the President of the Emirates Esports Federation, Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Shakbout Al Nahyan said, “The Emirates Esports Federation under the National Sports Council was set up to ensure the consistent development of Esports in the UAE in a fair and regulated manner. The EGL will revolutionize the Esports industry and go a long way in achieving our goal of creating a space where publishers, players, organizers & brands can come together and co-exist harmoniously to further bolster the future of Esports in the region.”


The tournament will feature a perfect blend of international global players and emerging talents from across the Middle East, UAE, India, China, South-East Asia, Europe, and the USA. Aspiring players will undergo a rigorous selection process, with multiple rounds of qualifiers scheduled for February and March 2024.


“Asia is one of the fastest-growing Esports markets currently and with Indian gamers participating in this league, this league will provide country’s talented esports athletes with the platform to showcase their ability amongst the best-of global Esports talent. We are excited about the potential of this league and look forward to creating an event that will truly change the trajectory and contribute to the growth of Esports,” added Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Shakbout Al Nahyan.


The top-ranked amateurs and future players emerging from these qualifiers will then be drafted into each franchise through a player auction or draft.


ITW Global, the co-owner of the league is set to bring the concept to reality, Nayeem Khan ITW said, “ITW has been working in the business of sports for the last 15 years and we pride ourselves on understanding the market with an eye on the future, we have always believed in the potential of Esports and are very excited to partner with the Emirates Esports Federation to bring EGL to the fans and players. We look forward to launching EGL India on the same concept in October 2024


The "India Games Market Report 2023" report by Niko Partners states that the number of gamers in India across all platforms is forecast to reach 444 million in 2023, up 12.1% YoY, and reach 641.2 million in 2027, growing at a 5-year CAGR of 10.1%.


EGL will leverage the growing prominence of Esports in India and focus on bringing tried and tested, successful sports formulas like the franchise setup seen in the IPL to the Esports arena.


Anticipated to commence in April 2024, the inaugural edition of EGL will be preceded by pre-event build-up activities starting in February in the UAE.