Gamers8 Esports festival announces return to Saudi Arabia in 2023 with a massive $30 million

Doubling the prize pool from 2022.

Gamers8 Esports festival announces return to Saudi Arabia in 2023 with a massive $30 million
Image Credits: Gamers8

One of the biggest esports and gaming events in the world, Gamers8, is returning for a second time. The forthcoming eight-week festival, which is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia, will begin on July 6 and offers its competitors more than $30 million in prize money. This year's event, dubbed "Gamers8: The Land of Heroes," will include gamers of all ages competing for a piece of the incredible prize pool.

As mentioned on their official website, a total of 1.4 million people attended the festival last year, including 113 foreign professional teams and 392 professional gamers. Esports gaming titles such as Fortnite, DotA 2, and PUBG Mobile featured full-fledged competitions. Every weekend, attendees may also enjoy live performances by some of the top international stars in addition to the gaming experience in the 2023 edition. They will also be able to engage in interactive activities like VR and Cosplay.

The Saudi Esports Federation's chairman, HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan, announced in a statement that the festival will be a gathering place for lovers of gaming and elite esports players. According to him, the event will be much bigger and better than before, giving gamers a stage to display their prowess and meet others who share their interests.

The Kingdom's objective to strengthen its position within the competitive gaming environment is carried out through this flagship event, which will reestablish Saudi Arabia as a major participant in the esports and gaming industries. More information, such as the games that will be played in the next tournaments, the participating teams, and the entertainment schedule, will be provided as the scheduled day draws nearer.